We’ve had bed bugs. We’ve tried all the treatments. We’ve heard all the advice – some bad, some helpful. We interviewed tons of experts – from entomologists to psychologists to pest control professionals who treat infestations every day. We also talked to hundreds of bed bug victims.

We’re here to help.

Gary remembers well the phone call that told him his apartment had bed bugs — it was the call that would lead to him founding The Bed Bug Adviser.

All of his knowledge of bed bugs came from nursery rhymes, so he started to look for more information on the pests. What he found was a lot of confusion, contradictory advice, and inconsistent messages. He didn’t know who he should trust or listen to. As he realized the growing threat with no way to deal with them the confusion, panic, and fear took over.

So Gary reached out for help from the best researcher he knew, Brian Ontiveros.

It’s not a situation anyone would want to be in. But after the dust settled, they started asking questions. They asked all kinds of exterminators about different treatments. Then tried a few. After reading the research and talking to a few experts Brian began a deep dive with the folks who were studying this stuff full time. This lead to Gary gathering a team and putting together The Bed Bug Adviser

In the end, Gary, Brian, and the Bed Bug Adviser team would interview 10 entomology PhDs, one doctor of medicine, a lawyer, and 2 pest management professionals. They learned a lot: about bed bugs, about what the bugs do to your mental health, about effective treatment and some not-so-effective treatments, and about protecting yourself from bed bugs in the future.

(Read more about Gary and how he became inspired to help bed bug victims.)

Now we’re here to pass along this knowledge to you. Whether you live somewhere and got the same call as Gary, a short-term rental owner who doesn’t want to risk an infestation, a property owner who is worried what the pests might do to your home or apartment building or whether you have bed bugs yourself and your bed doesn’t feel safe anymore – we’re here to help.

Finding the answers.

Sorting through the myriad of home remedies, self-help advice, and university websites seemed like a daunting task. No matter where you look you’ll find someone who tells you that this easy trick got rid of their bed bugs, someone who tells you it doesn’t do anything at all, and a third person who swears it’s worked for each of the four times they had bed bugs.

Trying to make sense of what you can and can’t trust can be harder than you’d like.

And that’s where we come in. The Bed Bug Adviser spends hours researching bed bugs, what harm they can do, how to get rid of them, new treatments on the market, home remedies, and cheaper options all so you finally have a source of reliable information you can trust.

We’re the first group to put together the combined knowledge of Entomologists (bug doctors), Pest Management Professionals, Medical Doctors, Psychologists, and Victims. We’re here to help you solve your bed bug problem no matter what it is. No matter what, we put helping the victim as our first priority.

We make it our duty to help you sleep tight tonight

Meet the Team.
Your trusted advisers.

“There is no one way to kill bed bugs, no magic bullet. Education is extremely important.”

-Dr. Gale Ridge, Ph.D., director of the Insect Inquiry Office in the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

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Our goal is simple:
Let us help you sleep tight tonight.

Own? Rent? Stop the problem before it starts, protect your home and all your loved ones from bed bugs.

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