What is the best treatment for bed bugs?


There is no “best treatment” when it comes to bed bugs. There’s pros and cons to all 3 types of treatment.


Fumigation is the most likely to deal with your bed bug problem once and for all, but it is by far the most expensive and the most disruptive –  you will have to leave your house for 3 days to a week.


Chemical treatments are the cheapest, but they take 6-8 weeks and 3-4 applications to be sure you’ve gotten rid of the bugs, which is 6-8 more weeks of living with bed bugs.


Heat treatment works best in smaller spaces, like a one or two bedroom apartment. It’s fast, but it’s more expensive than chemical treatment, and requires a highly trained technician with constant monitoring in order to ensure all areas of the apartment get hot enough.


For more, check out our treatment article.

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