What is the difference between a bite barrier and an encasement?


Bite Barriers and Encasements are products that seem similar but are actually quite different. Encasements seal your mattress and box springs so bugs can’t get in or out, so it’ll keep new bed bugs from getting to your mattress and keep ones already on your mattress from moving anywhere else. But that’s all they do. And since most bed bugs don’t actually live on the mattress or box springs encasements don’t really solve any problems. They’re good for protecting a newly purchased mattress, or making it easy to spot signs of bed bugs, but they don’t stop bites and they don’t solve a bed bug problem.

Bite Barriers on the other hand protect the person. The unique construction of the bite barrier means that bed bugs can neither bite through the barrier to feed on the sleeping host, nor can it climb around it to get to the top surface to bite the host.

In short an encasement protects your mattress, a bite barrier protects you.

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