OnGuard Bite Barrier Travel – Twin/Full


Why we made this product: 

Never worry about bed bugs while you’re traveling.

Never bring bed bugs home with you.

One in five Americans have either had bed bugs, or know someone who has encountered them – many times, in a hotel bed.

Unfortunately, hotels of all kinds are susceptible to bed bugs; no matter where you are in the world, or how much you pay for your hotel room or rental, there’s a chance a guest before you brought an unwanted bug along.

We created the TravelGuard Bite Barrier to give you peace of mind. It installs under your bed linens, barely visible – and so soft you won’t notice it’s there. Once installed, it traps any bed bugs inside. Bed bugs can’t bite their way out, or climb around to the top surface of the mattress. Once you get ready to check out and head home, you can roll up the TravelGuard Bite Barrier into a small travel bag that also seals up tight, making sure you can keep any bugs trapped inside until you get home. It’s also machine washable – so once you’re home, you can throw it into a hot wash, killing the remaining bugs.


The OnGuard Bite Barrier Travel is offered in two sizes. One, which fits both a full or twin mattress, and another which fits both a king and queen size mattress. Both products have a FlexFit material that allows them to accommodate any depth of mattress.


  • Installs on top of the fitted sheet of any mattress.
  • Standard bed linens will install as usual over the OnGuard Bite Barrier Travel and it will be minimally visible.
  • Constructed of bed bug proof materials; bugs can’t bite through the OnGuard Bite Barrier Travel or climb to the top surface to reach the host.
  • A permanently attached slippery skirt keeps bugs from being able to climb around the OnGuard Bite Barrier Travel to the top surface of the mattress.
  • Comes with a safe travel carrying case, for transportation between your vacation to guard against bed bug transference.
  • Patented slippery skirt material is a clear coating over nearly any kind, color, or design of bedding material.
  • Accommodates mattress toppers and any depth of mattress.
  • Comes in a full/twin size and king/queen size. Pick whichever one you’d use most in your travels.
  • Can be used at home!

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2 reviews for OnGuard Bite Barrier Travel – Twin/Full

  1. Beth

    What I like about the TravelGuard is that it’s literally just a sheet, it’s not bulky or anything like that, it’s as easy to pack as a sheet, you can roll it, you can fold it down. There are more times than you think that you end up needing something like the TravelGuard. – Beth

  2. Frank

    The TravelGuard is easy to travel with, it rolls up into a small ball and doesn’t weigh much. – Frank, frequent business traveler

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