SafeRest Premium Zippered Mattress Encasement


Why the Bed Bug Adviser recommends this product: An encasement can protect your mattress and box springs from getting stained by bed bugs. Unlike our HomeGuard Bite Barrier, which prevents bed bugs getting to your bed but doesn’t protect the mattress directly, an encasement provides an extra layer of protection for your mattress. For best results, use both. Great for short-term rental hosts.

Combine with the HomeGuard Bite Barrier and protect both yourself and your belongings from the nasty pests!

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  • Independently lab tested and certified bed bug entry, escape and bite proof
  • Surrounds and protects the mattress on all 6-sides against allergens, dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, fluids, perspiration and urine (10-year warranty and machine washable)
  • Exclusive Micro-Zipper technology prevents all stages of bed bugs from passing through the zippers teeth
  • 360 Secure zipper closing feature prevents accidental openings by sealing the end zipper traveler with a Velcro flap
  • Premium cotton terry surface material with breathable hypoallergenic membrane backing keeps the mattress cool and noiseless while blocking dust mites and other allergens (great for those with asthma and allergies)

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